“I Love The Smell Of [Paper Mills] In The Morning”

The perfect storm of weather conditions this morning – humidity, clouds, wind direction – meant we spent the first half of the ride enjoying the smell of International Paper. Like rotten eggs, but with a bit of sweetness. Nothing quite like it.

Still, they have it worse in Beijing, where reports indicate the smog is really causing some athletes to suffer:

“We’ve put special antimicrobial screens in all our bongs,” explained a [USA BMX team] coach. “This should help Team USA put the ‘Metal!’ back in ‘medal.’”

Funny stereotypes aside there’s a great article about the BMX team in this month’s Bicycling.

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One Comment on ““I Love The Smell Of [Paper Mills] In The Morning””

  1. draftsonyou Says:

    When I was a freshman at Okla. State, we used to get a nice eau de pig farm on days the wind was out of the SW. One day, I complained about it to one of my Animal Science majoring cowpoke friends who simply smiled and replied “smells like money.” So when I started working in the timber business, that’s what I’d say about paper mills.

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