My baby’s so smart!

Of course, both of my babies are geniuses, but Mac gave us the perfect illustration yesterday. Mac and Omi were at the table eating their dinner while Wheeler and I fixed ours just a few feet away. All of a sudden, Mac started fussing and saying something that neither Wheeler nor I could decipher. I thought maybe he was saying “truck” (a recent fascination of his) but couldn’t figure out why he was fussing. He started throwing in a random “Meow, meow” with what sounded like “truck” but that just confused us even more. After a few moments of trying to interpret his mumblings, both Wheeler and I moved back to our respective duties. However, Mac persisted, growing louder and more distraught until I walked over to stand right in front of him and asked him again what was wrong. This time, in addition to the incoherent ramblings, he pointed into the family room. I turned around and the light bulb came on in my head! Our big, black satan cat (those of you who’ve met him will understand) was lying on the floor busily chewing one of the babies’ rubber bath-time ducks. “Truck” was really “Quack” and the “meow, meow” – well that’s pretty self explanatory.

While the babies were still babies, they had a ton of these rubber ducks. The cats, not quite understanding relevant property laws, thought they made great toys and have, over the course of the last two years, eaten every single duck. I guess Mac just got tired of seeing his toys dismembered and thrown away and decided to do something about it. Unfortunately, his momma wasn’t quick enough, and we suffered another casualty last night…another duck had to go to the great pond in the sky.

While sadden at the loss of another toy, Mac quickly overcame his grief when I, ecstatic at how smart my little boy was, picked him up and started dancing around the kitchen with him. I mean, biased or no, how can anyone deny the perception and intelligence that led a little boy to call to his oblivious parents for help when he witnessed such destruction going on just a few feet away?!

Oh, and the cat was duly reprimanded.

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5 Comments on “My baby’s so smart!”

  1. the other teacher in the family... Says:

    🙂 I love to find a blog entry that features my 2 favorite people in the world! Way to Go, Mac! Don’t let that mean kitty eat your toys anymore!!

  2. Mary Ann Says:

    Well, I just hope he was wearing sufficiently masculine clothes at the time.

  3. Texas Redhead Loser Says:

    I hope “duly reprimanded” involved a sack and the Red River. Anyone thinking this sounds like harsh punishment has never come face-to-face (or should I say face-to-claws?) with that particular feral beast.

  4. wheeler Says:

    awww, he doesn’t know any better.

  5. Hot Momma Says:

    Doesn’t know any better…yeah right. Redhead, if it were up to me, that cat wouldn’t have even made it to see the Red River. He never would have gotten past the Caddo in Arkadoo.

    Mary Ann, I think he was actually just in his diaper…that’s common eating attire around here since the babies are still learning to master fork and spoon.

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