Cross Racial Identifications

They’re unreliable, and send a lot of innocent people to jail, largely because courts won’t let defendants explain to juries the problems with cross-racial identifications.

As an amusing illustration, the kids in school, who’ve previously compared me to Yao Ming, now think I look like Michael Phelps. We’ve all got dark hair. We’re all pretty fair. Other than that? Got me.

The Golden Boy's gonna have to work out some more if he wants to look like me

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3 Comments on “Cross Racial Identifications”

  1. draftsonyou Says:

    Is that a little rose tatto peekin’ up over MP’s shorts there? I never really pegged him for the “pelvis tramp stamp” kinda guy, but that’s sweet.

  2. wheeler Says:

    i don’t have a tramp stamp, either.

  3. Joe Says:

    Hey Wheeler they say I look like Phelps too. We both have white earbuds hanging from our ears that we listen to the ipod with.

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