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Recycling Starts Tomorrow, For Some

August 17, 2008

Tomorrow, Shreveport joins the 20th Century.

Bossier, though, will not. City officials say the city only recently added indoor plumbing and they are afraid to push too much progress too soon. Also, the large blue recycling bins would take up valuable parking space on people’s front lawns. Finally, people in California recycle, and Bossierites are concerned that if they start recycling, it will only be a matter of time until they too end up as a bunch of godless, pot smoking, gay communists.


Pictures Are Worth A Thousand Words

August 17, 2008

So why doesn’t the times have one for this article: “Monroe native is Playboy’s Miss September?”

Jokes aside, I thought this was interesting:

She said her family and friends have congratulated her.

“They have actually been really supportive. I’ve talked to a lot of them, and they think it’s really cool.”

If my daughter ever ended up in Playboy, I’m not sure “cool” is the word I would use. Chris Rock has a routine in which he says his main goal as a father is preventing his daughter from ending up on the pole. Playboy may not be quite as bad as being a pole dancer, but still, if your daughter ends up in that magazine, you probably screwed up somewhere.

It May Mean The End Of The World

August 17, 2008

But the weather sure has been great for the last day and a half. Right now – 11:00 on Sunday morning – is the first time it’s been above eighty since Friday. The high yesterday was only about seventy five. In August. In Shreveport. That has to be a record low high, if anyone even keeps track of that. It was so cool that not only did we fire up the grill, but while cooking I sat outside and had red wine instead of beer.