It May Mean The End Of The World

But the weather sure has been great for the last day and a half. Right now – 11:00 on Sunday morning – is the first time it’s been above eighty since Friday. The high yesterday was only about seventy five. In August. In Shreveport. That has to be a record low high, if anyone even keeps track of that. It was so cool that not only did we fire up the grill, but while cooking I sat outside and had red wine instead of beer.

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One Comment on “It May Mean The End Of The World”

  1. draftsonyou Says:

    Similar phenom in FL. Talked to a couple of old timers who say this is how it’s actually “supposed to be.” They call it “dog days.” I’ve heard that expression all my life, but never knew what it meant. Apparantly, cooler air would push down from the north, colliding with warm moist air coming off the Gulf, and creating daily afternoon thundershowers. This is what recharges the aquifers, and provides for the lush semi-tropical (and wind resistant) native vegetation. When you think about how dry and hot it has been, at least in SE, the last few years, it makes sense. There are huge problems with dry lakes and aquifers here too.

    In terms of weather systems off the Gulf, they also speculate that the presence / absence of cooler air contributes to the direction of storm systems / hurricanes coming into the Gulf. i.e. without the cooler air coming down, systems come farther into (West) the Gulf and spin towards TX, LA, Mex. As opposed to spinning up the FL coastline (as in the predicted case of Flo or Fay or whatever his/her name is).

    This all sounds like pseudo-science to me, or at least some convoluted way to make meteorologists seem really smart with their voodoo magic. But then again, nobody ever argued with a Farmer’s Almanac either, right? Maybe Al Gore is right. Or maybe that’s why he decided to be the weather guy in the first place, b/c it’s really cloudy science. Forgive the pun.

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