Pictures Are Worth A Thousand Words

So why doesn’t the times have one for this article: “Monroe native is Playboy’s Miss September?”

Jokes aside, I thought this was interesting:

She said her family and friends have congratulated her.

“They have actually been really supportive. I’ve talked to a lot of them, and they think it’s really cool.”

If my daughter ever ended up in Playboy, I’m not sure “cool” is the word I would use. Chris Rock has a routine in which he says his main goal as a father is preventing his daughter from ending up on the pole. Playboy may not be quite as bad as being a pole dancer, but still, if your daughter ends up in that magazine, you probably screwed up somewhere.

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2 Comments on “Pictures Are Worth A Thousand Words”

  1. KC Says:

    ah, but the impotant thing is that they always maintainthat it was “tastefully done’….whatever that means!

  2. wheeler Says:

    right, at least it wasn’t hustler!

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