Comcast Must Die!

Man, I thought they treated me poorly until I saw this:

About 1½ years ago, William Hanson’s mother-in-law passed away with a credit balance on her Comcast account. In ordering her affairs, Hanson — twice in writing and once by phone — requested a refund to no avail.

“Not only will they not refund it, they continue to amortize the balance,” said Hanson, who estimates he is owed $47. “They ignore every letter I send them.”

Stealing from dead people, wow. Wonder if they do this sort of thing routinely. Hmm, class action, anyone?

In this situation, a few calls from the reporter who wrote the story finally got Comcast’s director of government affairs to refund part of the money. She would not admit error, though, instead offering the same b.s. they do whenever one of their service techs fails to show for a service call:

Comcast apologized for the inconvenience during his bereavement period but found no record of Hanson asking for a refund, said Collins, a corporate spokeswoman. “Why would there not be a record,” I asked.

“All I can say when I looked into his account, there was no history that he had called,” Collins said. “Maybe the person he spoke to at the time did not pull up his account.”

On more than one occasion when we had Comcast, we called to report a problem, they promised someone would come at a certain time, we waited, no one showed, we called back to complain and they said the same thing: We have no record of a complaint. A**holes.

The rest of the article is filled with the same kinds of dishonest and crappy service all Comcast customers and ex-customers have come to expect. The solution? Say it with me folks: Satellite.

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6 Comments on “Comcast Must Die!”

  1. Texas Redhead Loser Says:

    Interestingly, as much as I hated my last year with Comcast, within 30 days of moving and switching to a new company I received a check from them with my full credit balance. I wasn’t even aware I had a credit balance. It doesn’t make up for being ripped off for an entire year, though. Maybe this guy forgot to turn in the receiver and remote?

  2. Comcastcares1 Says:

    Thanks for sharing this post. I wished that Hanson never had to go through that experience.

    Please know that we are really working hard to create better experiences for our customers. We are currently doing other things to improve the service we provide. So far, we are making progress but we are not quite there yet. You can learn more about our efforts by following this URL:

    If you need further assistance on your Comcats service, I am here to help.

    Best Regards,

    Mark C.
    Comcast Corp.

  3. wheeler Says:

    too little, too late, mr. c.

  4. wheeler Says:

    oh, and the fact that you can’t spell your own company’s name is very symbolic.

  5. walt moffett Says:

    You have to watch satellite companies carefully, bills for a fixed rate that seem to vary from month to month, contradictory statements about the length of your “committent” and the amount of termination fees if you leave, robo scripted support calls, service calls missed, etc. I think the whole customer support/billing model they follow is from the cell phone robber barons.

    Was quite happy to ditch them for a rural cable company that provides half the channels at a quarter of the price. Plus, I can find the office, talk to some in person when there’s a problem.


  6. wheeler Says:

    we made sure to nail down the price and commitment ahead of time. a refusal to clearly say what those were knocked directv out of the race. dish network has been great. customer service, too.

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