Spanking in schools

If you’ve spent any time with me and my children, you know that I’m a big proponent of spanking. However, that doesn’t mean I want a bunch of capricious, possibly armed strangers spanking my kids. Two people on this great planet have the right and responsibility to raise their hand toward my two babies, and those two people live in our house.

According to the story, you can’t even depend on officials to obey a written request stating that you, as a parent, prefer that your child not receive corporal punishment. But hey, my kids are white and middle class, so, again according to the story, I guess we don’t have much to worry about.

The biggest question I have about this story is, why are all the states where corporal punishment is allowed and used in the southeast?

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2 Comments on “Spanking in schools”

  1. wheeler Says:

    because those are also the states with the worst education systems, most poverty, highest rates of teen pregnancy, largest waistlines, and devoutest republican baptists?

  2. jack Says:

    my personal opinion is that teachers shuold spank the childern at school with the hand,with a paddle, with a strap with evrything they see as a tool to teach the kids a lasson dosn’t matter if the kid is 5 years or even 16 years of age

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