Raises For The SPD?

When I started reading this article about Mayor Glover voting against a pay raise for the local police, I was ready to agree with him, as the only thing that annoys me more than teachers whining about their salary is cops whining about their salary. Then I saw what the starting pay is at SPD: $33,000 – $35,000 a year.

That’s even less than what teachers make, and cops have a full time job. No one can support a family on that. Also, if money isn’t going to attract people to the job, that means other things will. For a small portion, the incentive will probably be a desire to be a do-gooder. For most, it will be carrying a badge, having a gun, and getting to drive as fast as they want. It could also be access to the evidence locker. None of those are good things. So for the sake of a professional police force, maybe we ought to find some more money.

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2 Comments on “Raises For The SPD?”

  1. the other teacher in the family... Says:

    That’s my salary 🙂

  2. walt moffett Says:

    Also have to consider in most, if not all, departments the officer has buy his personal weapon, his cuffs, flashlight, belt and uniform from a narrow list of approved vendors. All up, looking at about a grand to grand and a half before he gets his first pay check gone.

    But are the people willing to pay the taxes or would they rather deal with the resultant mess when one goes bad?

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