The Greatest Sport In The World Returns

A few thoughts on the first weekend.

Game I enjoyed most? Tech beating Mississippi State. Good game. Tech has great uniforms.

I still hate instant replay. During one of the games (Florida-Hawaii?) the announcers said only a quarter of challenged calls are reversed. Why? There’s no disincentive to stop the game. Coaches should only be allowed to challenge a call if that call resulted in a change of possession or points. And if they lose the challenge, they ought to lose a possession, not just a timeout.

As a Nebraska fan watching Michigan lose to Utah, I kept thinking “Rich Rodriquez is going to be to Michigan as Bill Callahan was to Nebraska.”

When will the ACC lose its BCS status? As USC – both of them – Alabama and East Friggin’ Carolina demonstrated over the last few days, that is one sorry excuse for a football conference.

Other than the one for the SEC and national championships, the race I’m most interested in watching is Joe Paterno and Bobby Bowden for most career wins. Ten years ago it looked like Bowden was going to leave Paterno in the dust. Now they’re tied. Given that Joe Pa is the essence of all that is good about college football, while Bobby Bowden is as sleazy faux-good ‘ol boy who runs a corrupt program, I’m sure everyone not named Bowden is with me rooting for Joe Pa to win.

Was any upset more predictable than Bowling Green over Pitt? How does Dave Wannstadt still have a job? He’s been a loser at every head coaching job he’s had. He’s spent the last decade and a half living off his time as an assistant in Dallas.

A four point win over Western Illinois? It’s going to a long season for Hogs fans.

This was my first college football weekend with the DVR. It.Was.Awesome. Miss a key play that the network doesn’t show again? Rewind it yourself. Feel like taking a nap during Va Tech and East Carolina? Just pause the game. Wife says we have to go to the store, but Michigan and Utah are still playing? Recordify it. Time to eat, but not in front of the tv? Pause it. The best part is that when you go back to the game, you can fast forward through all the commercials and instant replays.

All in all, a great day.

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