Getting Ready For Gustav

We were in Alabama for Katrina, but so far the response to Gustav certainly appears to be much better than the insanity around Katrina. PBJ has been excellent, and I seriously doubt we’ll have a repeat, no matter what Gustav does over the next few days.

Up here in S’port, we’re just expecting a lot of rain and some wind. We’ve been told that last May’s crazy weather is a good indicator of the potential flooding from Gustav.

That means a lot of people who have only recently repaired their houses from that flood are about to get wet again. Many of these are right in the middle of the city, too. As for folks in my family, probably no one will have flood damage. My step brother will be stuck in his neighborhood for a few days, because both of the roads into it go under railroad trestles and always fill with water. My grandmother’s land in Keithville will flood, but even though that happens regularly, it never reaches her house.

At my house, I’m sure the power will be gone by lunch tomorrow (so if you don’t hear from me again until later in the week, that’s why). Our streets will be rivers. I’m not too worried about trees or limbs. The guy behind me has a large pecan tree in his yard, other than that, though, none of the trees near us are going anywhere. Or if they do, it won’t hurt anything.

With no power until who knows when, and no school until at least Thursday, I’ll have plenty of time on my hands this week. I’ll do my best to get out of the house and take some pictures and post them when I can. Until then, stay dry.

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