More Palin Hilarity

Here’s a list of all the great news from yesterday, including the national press finally realizing she supported the bridge to nowhere, and also the discovery that she belonged to an Alaska secessionist movement.

Misquoting the founding fathers to establish religion.

Funny lines, especially:

John McCain left both his first wife and Mitt Romney for beauty queens.

For those who doubt her foreign policy experience, Fox News and Cindy McCain remind us that Alaska is like, right next to Russia.

And John Stewart, hilariously nailing the amazingly cynical affirmative action choice that is Palin for VP.

As far as my vote goes, Friday was the moment John McCain became a complete joke.

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5 Comments on “More Palin Hilarity”

  1. KC Says:

    how did you do with the storm?

  2. wheeler Says:

    total non-event. i’m going to post about it.

  3. Loretta Nall Says:

    ~~~shakes head then vomits profusely~~~

    I can’t imagine four more years of this kind of shit…I really can’t. If McCain/Palin win I am moving to fucking China.

    How’s things wheeler? Did you and yours weather the storm ok?

  4. Wheeler Says:

    funny, i almost commented on your post about cindy mccain’s outfit.

    we’re fine, the “storm” has been about two inches of rain and no wind.

  5. the best beauty queens are coming from south america, i really love latinas -“;

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