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Because 106 Miles Wasn’t Enough

September 6, 2008

The 106 was this morning, from my house to Pelican and back.

Prior to meeting the group at 6:50 this morning, I had no idea we were doing that distance. Had I known, I would not have stayed up until almost midnight Friday, drinking margaritas and watching Scarface. Also, according to my riding buddies – and they’re probably correct – I probably would not have showed for the ride. Hence, they left me out of the e-mail loop that planned the century, waiting until I had already committed to some kind of ride to tell me about the triple digits.

Even without proper pre-ride preparations, it was a great century. Perfect weather; blue skies and temperatures in the seventies. Nice route; rollers with smooth pavement. Great group; everyone fairly close in skill level. We finished with a 19.5 average, and I was still pulling strong.

Skip forward past the recovery meal and nap, to when I realized I needed to go pick up something for dinner, and a few other things, from the store. I started to grab the car keys, when I realized: 1) it’s a gorgeous day; 2) the store is only a mile and a half from the house, and; 3) I have a bike and a trailer in the garage. So, I hooked up the trailer and went to the store on my bike.

This morning was a full fledged, spandex clad, semi-hard core athletic event. It was fun. I’ll do something similar tomorrow morning. But utilitarian riding is great, too. Slow pace. Regular shorts. Flip flops. No helmet. Little sweat. I know there’s all kinds of trendy “green” reasons to ride your bike to the store. The only reason I do it is because it’s fun.