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Stuff On My Mind

September 11, 2008

None of it related, none of it worthy of a full post . . .

After watching last week’s NFL games, I realized with horror that, far from his signing with the Jets ending the national sportscaster infatuation with Bret Favre, it made it worse. Now it’s like there’s two Bret Favres. The living one in New York, and his ghost in Green Bay. I swear, the ESPN crew said Favre twice for every one time they said current Green Bay quarterback Aaron Rodgers’ name during Monday Night’s game. I may have to stop watching the NFL until he really retires.

And speaking of people who should remain retired, I really, really, really don’t want to see Lance in the Tour next year. He retired as a champion. He ought to leave the mystique alone. Just ask Michael Jordan.

The last two paragraphs make me like Michael Strahan even more than I already did.

Back to bikes. I am loving my new tires. I’ve got about 250 miles on them. The road feel is outstanding, and even thought I am sure I am imagining it, I feel like I’m faster with these tires.

The new coffee pot is still excellent. The only gripe is that the filter drips water everywhere when you refill it. Putting a towel under it helps.

Why are companies allowed to drastically overstate the average life of their batteries? I have a battery powered string trimmer (the Black & Decker Grass Hog) that is supposed to get 30 minutes to a battery. On a good day, I may get fifteen. Ditto my bike lights. Both barely get half the time they are supposed to get. It seems like bad business. My lights and my trimmer work great. But because of the huge difference between advertised and real battery life, I will always complain about them.

The Mets are up 3.5 with 17 games to go. I’m having a hard time getting excited. Partly because of last year. Mostly because even if they make the playoffs, the pig bull pen is going to kill them.