Storm Report

No big deal for us, though at one point I thought half my house had been crushed by a pecan tree. We went out for dinner, and when we got back and pulled into the driveway, I saw a large limb laying against the gate that crosses the driveway at the back of the house. It looked like a pecan limb, and there is a large old pecan tree in the yard of the house behind us. That tree is south of our house, and the wind had been blowing from the south. So I thought, “uh, oh, this could be bad.” Pecans are about the worst tree for falling over, and I figured this one had. But no, it was just one limb that fell and then blew into the fence.

That was about all the excitement for us. Power stayed on. My satellite never even blinked. We went for a walk this morning planning on taking pictures of the damage. As you can see, we did not take any pictures.

No real problems for anyone we know, though my stepbrother’s house currently has a pole and power lines dangling over the top of it. He said last night whenever the wind blew, it would spark all along the lines, even catching a nearby tree on fire – twice. I told him to stay with us until it’s fixed, but he said he’s got generators to keep him cool.

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