A toddler’s memory and vocabulary

If you’ve ever been around toddlers for any length of time, you know that their vocabulary increases every day at an amazing rate. And if you’ve ever struggled to watch what you say, you know that they like to remember the few words you’d like to forget…and then they usually scream them out in public – preferably, in church, during prayers. Well, luckily, the worst my two have caught me saying is “darn it” (and yes, they did immediately start saying it over and over, but as they could be saying a lot worse – thanks to their daddy! – I chose not to flip out.) My son, however, shocked me the other day with a new word he’d only said and heard a few times before, several weeks before.

About three weeks ago, the babies and I made the long and grueling trip to Tupelo, Miss., to visit my family. Long because it takes between 7-8 hours to get there, and grueling because Tupelo is one of the few remaining places in the country that you can’t get to directly from an interstate. You have to take the Natchez Trace, which has a 50 MPH speed limit, for about an hour. On our return trip, I was thrilled to see the Mississippi River coming up and as we crossed over it and into Louisiana, I yelled out, “Woo hoo, Louisiana” in a sing-song voice. The babies immediately joined in by saying “Oooo, ooo, Wee-nanna” (their version of what I said).  I laughed and got them to say “Louisiana/Wee-nanna” again several times but didn’t think much more about it other than to share the story with Wheeler when we got home. Well, the other day in the car, something caused me to say “Woo hoo” again (maybe I made it through more than one consecutive green light on Youree Dr., I don’t recall now.). Malcolm, sitting contentedly in his carseat behind me, immediately yelled out, “Wee-nanna!”  It took me several minutes to realize what he said, and when I did, I almost had to pull over I was laughing so hard. Apparently, he thinks we not only live in Wee-nanna, but in Woo hoo Wee-nanna.

Have I said lately that my son is a genious?

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One Comment on “A toddler’s memory and vocabulary”

  1. nana Says:

    It bears repeating…and I’m sure his sister is also. I guess if I still lived in Louisiana I’d be woohooweenanna-nanie!

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