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Because The Last 8 Years Weren’t Long And Painful Enough

September 25, 2008

Speaking last night about the bailout, Dubya warns us of “a long and painful recession.”

Really, does anyone, anywhere, care in the least what that idiot has to say about anything? I think Andrew Sullivan is right, though he gives Bush too much credit in the first sentence, in this quote:

How could this president do anything but unnerve the markets and the population by appearing on television? This is not someone who can handle a crisis of any sort, any more than McCain can. Best to stay silent and in the background while adults try to cope with the mess.

This whole financial disaster illustrates why I can’t vote for McPalin. You can’t blame the melt down on any of the right wing bogey men. Not the gays, not the illegals, not the terrists, not the athiests, not the Darwinists, not even the libruhls. It doesn’t even have anything to do with arugala. So for folks like Bush, absent someone to demonize, their simplistic good/evil worldview falls apart. Forced to think rationally and fairly, they have nothing to offer. I imagine that’s why McPalin is scared to debate tomorrow. This crisis doesn’t lend itself to his normal ideological soundbites.