This Shouldn’t Take Long

In the Times today:

A Red River District Court jury returns at 8 a.m. today to decide whether a Coushatta man should die for fatally burning a 5-year-old boy. . . .

After deliberating for just shy of two hours, a jury picked in Lincoln Parish delivered the verdict about midday Thursday before a hushed courtroom filled with [defendant Terrance Carter’s] relatives, family members of the slain boy and an assortment of court personnel, law enforcement officers and spectators.

In a case that lasted over a week, “just shy of two hours” means the jury went into the jury room, sat down, decided he was guilty, and then killed enough time delayed long enough to make it look respectable. Given that this guy is now guilty of tying a five year old to a chair, pouring gasoline over him, setting him on fire, and letting him burn to death, I don’t imagine the deliberations over the penalty will take much longer. Like I said here, death will be the right call, too.

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One Comment on “This Shouldn’t Take Long”

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