S’port Neighborhood Gets National Props

I saw this on Red River Blog Jam: Business Week has named Highland one of the fifteen neighborhoods in the nation likely to see big increases in home values, mostly due to artsy types beginning gentrification. Here’s the part about Highland:

The Highland community’s wide streets, bicycle lanes, and affordable historic homes make it popular with the jewelry makers, painters, and sculptors who have lived here for years. Many of the houses have detached garages so there’s plenty of space for creativity. Shreveport became Louisiana’s movie capital after Hurricane Katrina hit in 2005, and actors, directors, and other industry types have found temporary lodging in Highland, which has also served as a backdrop for some feature films. Nice three-bedroom homes are available for $100,000 or less.

As someone who has lived in that neighborhood on three different occasions, and probably still would, if not for having two kids, let me say three things.

One, everything in that paragraph is true, except the part about the bike lanes. There aren’t any. Nor, thanks to the wide streets and low speed limits, are they necessary. It’s a great area to ride a bike.

Two, the article calls it an up and coming neighborhood. It’s been called that for the last twenty years, usually in local versions of articles like this one. Nothing has changed. So don’t go speculating.

Three, because “up and coming,” like “urban renewal,” really means “negro removal” I hope the neighborhood does not change. It’s fine as is.

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