I Never Did Like Jim McCrery

He’s my representative in congress. When I was in college and working as a waiter, he ate at the restaurant where I worked, and I waited on him. I knew who he was, and made an extra-effort to be a perfect waiter. He was a good customer, nice and polite, no picky orders. When he paid the bill, though, the jerk stiffed me.

Now it looks like he wants to rip us all off. Thankfully, though, he was in the minority for even his own state’s delegation.

I wanted to post this last night, but could not access Thomas, too much traffic I guess. Anyway, here’s how Louisiana’s Representatives voted on the bailout:

Rodney Alexander (R) – No

Charles Boustany (D) – No

Don Cazayoux (R) – No

William Jefferson (D) – No

Jim McCrery (R) – Yes

Charlie Melancon (D) – Yes

Steve Scalise (R) – No

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