“Hey [Principals], Leave Those [Billboards] Alone”

One of the biggest high school rivalries in town is between the Captain Shreve Gators and the Byrd Yellow Jackets. They play this weekend. In anticipation of the game, and to irritate the Gators, a few Byrd students paid for this billboard, which was visible from Captain Shreve’s campus:

I have no kids at either of those schools. I did not attend either of those schools. I do not teach at either of those schools. Hence, I have no dog in that fight. Still, that billboard was awesome. It was funny, clean, and good humored. It took a lot of creative thought, initiative, and dedication by the Byrd students who thought it up and paid for it. It could have been a great addition to an already great rivalry.

Guess what happened? In a shocking development, an administrator overreacted:

The [Captain Shreve] principal, a person who clearly has nothing better to do, complained to school district authorities. Somehow, the [Byrd principal] was compelled to become involved. A flurry of phone calls and urgent conferences ensued and it was decided that it would be in the best interest of all concerned for the billboard to be moved.

That is shameful. And I agree wholeheartedly with the rest of Darrell Rebouche’s post about it:

I will resist the temptation to register my disappointment with this development in harsher terms. Let’s just say I think some kind of explanation is in order. This is not the principals’ or the school board’s business. This was a transaction initiated by a group of citizens. It makes no mention of the other school, although its placement was quite intentional.

I’m embarrassed for the other principal. If she had her head screwed on straight, she would have laughed and acknowledged that the kids from across town had found a healthy positive way to poke good-natured fun at her student population.

This was a great teaching moment, an opportunity for her to lead by example, and she blew it. She taught her students to be shallow and thin-skinned. I’m glad my daughter isn’t under her influence.

I’ll add that if I was the Byrd students, I would make posters for the game that called the principal “Dear Leader,” or that said “Heil mein [Principal’s name],” or that put her pic with a hammer and sickle, or in that in some other way linked her with similar totalitarians.

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One Comment on ““Hey [Principals], Leave Those [Billboards] Alone””

  1. draftsonyou Says:

    I wonder if you could advertize alcohol and tobacco on that sign?

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