But Republicans Are The Party Of Small Government

Used to be, but no more:

McCain’s pledge to have the government help individual homeowners avoid foreclosure went considerably beyond the $700 billion bailout that recently cleared Congress.

“I would order the secretary of the Treasury to immediately buy up the bad home loan mortgages in America and renegotiate at the new value of those homes at the diminished value of those homes and let people be able to make those payments and stay in their homes,” he said.

How much would it cost? Who cares about those details, there’s an election to win. Why should people who bought homes they could afford now be forced to help irresponsible people get new terms? Because John McCain needs to win an election.

I hate this idea. No one ought to be forced to rescue all the idiots who spent too much on their homes. And that’s what it is. The money doesn’t come from a tree. You and I are forced to contribute it via taxes. And every dollar spent helping someone who knew when they bought their home that they could lose it, is one less dollar spent on roads, or national defense, or any of the other thousand things the federal government ought to be doing.

But this post is not slamming John McCain or the bailout so much as all the dummies out there who will vote Republican this year because they think Republicans are the party of small government and fiscal responsibility. If you believe that they are, you have either been asleep for the last eight years, or else you are on the party payroll.

That’s not to say the Democrats would be better; just that some people need to update their stereotypes and realize we do not have a party dedicated to free markets, individual freedom and personal responsibility. Well, not one that can get on ballots, anyway.

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2 Comments on “But Republicans Are The Party Of Small Government”

  1. Suzy-Q Says:

    I was counting on them being on the ballot. I don’t know what I’m going to do if they’re not on there next month.

  2. draftsonyou Says:

    I think maybe I just thought of a reason to vote for J-Mac….
    As a potential home buyer, I would really like to see home values tank, right? So, when the retirees who own the house I rent borrowed against it’s appraised value two years ago so they could go buy a house in a retirement village, they set themselves up for heartbreak. Now the house ain’t worth the note. Sure, they could continue to make the payments, but they can’t sell it for less than payoff, and the stupid bank will NEVER consent to letting it go for less (unless they default, but they won’t b/c they are “greatest generation my a$$, Tom Brokow is a punk” kind of people). So, if J-Mac’s willing to let them re-appraise, that let’s me slip in and pay off their new LOWER mortgage, steal a house, and essentially share the burden of my down payment with the rest of America. I think that’s a great plan. Woohoo!!!

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