Stupid Florida

I’m not really mad at them. In a way, last night’s “game” was kind of like a time in high school I asked out a girl who was about three levels higher than me in both looks and popularity. I’m not a bad looking guy, and I wasn’t a dork; she was just smokin’ and everyone knew it. Meanwhile, I didn’t even have a car. But we always got along well, and that gave me false confidence. When she said no, my main reaction was “what the heck was I thinking? No way she was going to say yes.” Ditto last night: My main reaction is to wonder why myself or anyone else was thinking LSU had a serious chance to play for a championship this year. They aren’t a bad team, but they’ll be out of their league against the serious BCS contenders. Two extremely green quarterbacks, neither of whom are very good, and a even more inexperience in the secondary means this won’t be the LSU’s year. The margin for error in the SEC is razor thin, and these two weaknesses will – did – make a huge difference. Everyone should have known that. But we let a few insignificant wins (Hey Aubie!) cloud our good judgment. Florida just revealed what we all ought to have known anyway.

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One Comment on “Stupid Florida”

  1. KC Says:

    ouch!…wheeler, we just have no offense….a challenged kicker, no offensive coordinator, other than that Auburn is ok….swimming is whar counts anyway!

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