School Board Considers Cooking Books To Improve Scores

Watching LSU’s two rookie quarterbacks stink up the swamp against Florida Saturday, more than one person at our little party said something along the lines of “Someone call Jacksonville State!” For those unaware, Jacksonville State is the current home of woulda-shoulda-coulda-been LSU starting quarterback and superstar Ryan Perriloux. He has all the talent in the world, but some serious drawbacks between the ears led to his being kicked off the team last spring. He then transferred to Jacksonville, leaving LSU in the hands of two inexperienced backups.

Well, I have figured out how LSU can still have all the benefits of Ryan Perriloux at quarterback. Let him stay where he is, but all his stats will count for LSU. Every yard thrown is a yard for LSU. Every touchdown is one for the tigers. Every run for the first down brings cheers from LSU crowds. But the whole time, he stays at Jacksonville State.

Insane, right? Not if you’re an employee of the Caddo Parish School Board:

One idea some think should be considered [to help the performance of failing schools] is re-routing the test scores of magnet school students back to their home schools.

Local school districts are allowed to determine where alternative students’ test scores and magnet students’ test scores are counted. Most school districts, such as Caddo and East Baton Rouge, allowed magnet students’ scores to stay at the magnet school site. However, the scores of students who attend alternative schools are routed back to the students’ home schools. . . .

“I truly believe that is an option that should be investigated,” Caddo School Board member Lillian Priest said of re-routing. “I think we need to investigate the pros and cons of rerouting scores.”

An investigation? Really? You need to “investigate” whether a student who attends Byrd, learns from Byrd faculty, and passes their state wide tests at Byrd should have their tests counted for Byrd? So what if that student transferred from Fair Park. Byrd educated the student; Byrd ought to get the credit for the good scores. Fair Park should not get the credit for a student who chose to leave that school. That would be like Perriloux’s current stats counting for LSU. How could anyone possible need this explained to them?

I love this quote:

DeSoto School Superintendent Walter Lee, who also is the region’s representative on BESE, called the practice of re-routing, “new-type thinking.”

Uhh, no. That would be stupid type thinking. Or deceptive type thinking. Or administration type thinking. Or bureaucrat type thinking.

Mr. Lee goes on to say that he wants consistency, and I certainly agree with him on that. This ought to cut both ways. Just like the ambitious student who flees Fair Park to succeed elsewhere ought not count for Fair Park, some thug who gets himself expelled from Fair Park and sent to an alternative school should not count against Fair Park. The student scores should only do what they are supposed to do: Give everyone some indication of the quality of that student’s school. Forget where they came from, we want to know about where they are. No shell games.

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