George Bush Is The Man

I was just wondering today if I could think of even one way Dubya made the country better. This could be it:

The Bush administration plans to make it easier for mountain bikers to gain access to national parks and other public lands before the president — an avid cyclist himself — leaves office.

The National Park Service confirmed Tuesday that it is preparing a rule that will allow decisions about some mountain bike trails to be made by park managers instead of federal regulators in Washington, a process that can take years.

I’m all for keeping motorized vehicles out of the parks. Loud, dangerous, smelly, inherently bad for the environment; those things are antithetical to all the ideals of the woods. Bikes, though, fit right in. And unlike horses, they don’t leave landmines in the middle of trails.

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One Comment on “George Bush Is The Man”

  1. KC Says:

    I say we ban the 4 wheelers in the woods and jet skis at the beach….

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