How Pathetic Is The Music Scene In Shreveport?

So pathetic that the local rock station is all worked up over the appearance of Queensryche, Warrant, and Kip Winger in Tyler freakin’ Texas.

One, that’s not even close to Shreveport; it’s at least an hour’s drive.

Two, those bands all sucked when they were still writing new stuff twenty years ago. The passage of time ain’t gonna reduce the suckiness.

Three, Kip Winger? Really? Don’t you remember whose favorite band was Winger?

That’s just sad.

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One Comment on “How Pathetic Is The Music Scene In Shreveport?”

  1. draftsonyou Says:

    This is perhaps the most awesome post EVER on your blog!!! Of all the quality rhetoric, there’s none like the taunting of Winger fans. You should try to make it to see Willie, though, at the Horseshoe!

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