State Superintendant Uses Same Speech Writer As Obama?

Back before he was an elitist terrorist who hates America, the knock on Obama was that he constantly discussed “change” without offering any specifics. Well, Paul Pastorek talked to the Caddo School Board yesterday, and he’s guilty of the same offense, telling them the state will take over ten Caddo schools unless . . .

“You’re going to have to do something dramatically different if you don’t want us to take the schools,” the state superintendent said. “I’m not saying charter schools is the answer, it is an answer; it is something you should consider. You must consider things you have never considered before. If you send us what you’ve been considering, it’s not going be good news.”

And those new ideas would be? What? Anyone? Anyone?

Well, here’s mine.

First, just redistrict so all the kids who go to the ten best schools now go to the ten worst, and vice-versa. Guess whose scores would now be the best? Sure, that would make the formerly ten best schools horrendous, but because they had only just begun to fail, that buys the CPSB several years before state takeover becomes an issue. And when it does, redistrict again.

Second, make education a privilege again. You flunk the eighth grade tests and you go to vocational school. You get suspended more than once and you go to vocational school. You fail a grade more than once, you go to vocational school. You miss more than a quarter of the school year, you go to vocational school. Oh, and your parents have to pay for the vocational school. Let’s spend our education resources on the students whom they will actually benefit.

Third, get rid of all the certification requirements for teachers. Hire people who are intelligent and want to teach. Then back off and let them do their jobs.

Fourth, let the state have the schools. Why is this a big deal?

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