Gas Station Owners Rebel Over S’port’s New Pay Before You Pump Law

Well, one does, anyway:

Ronnie Toney thinks government should keep its nose out of his business. The 37-year-old doesn’t mince words — apparently in any language — telling officials so.

Shortly after the Shreveport City Council passed a law in August forcing retailers to require customers to pay first before pumping fuel, Toney posted signs at his Ellerbe Road business noting his displeasure.

The signs, partially in German, included the words “der fürer (sic)” and “Sieg Heil.”. . .

Toney says he used the language in jest to make a point about the pay-before-you pump law and similar bans which violate a citizens’ right to reasonably enjoy their property.

It wasn’t to promote racism or hate.

“It’s (a form of) socialism,” said Toney of the law. “It’s another way of them keeping their thumb on us.”

I wouldn’t have used Nazi slogans to make a point about the law. That might be overreacting a bit, and, as the article says happened, using those signs might upset a few customers. Still, like I said here, I tend to agree that the law is paternalistic and unfair.

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