I’m Taking The Apple Sticker Off My Car

Not because of dissatisfaction with the product. Like I said here, I was recently treated rather curtly on the phone with Apple, but I said in the same post I would still choose an Apple over a PC. No, I’ll be taking the sticker off because I do not want to be associated with Apple users. Read the comments to that post and you’ll understand. Just about all of them slam me, and it’s pretty obvious most of those did not even read the whole post. They just got to the part where I criticized their god and they exploded, ignoring the rest of the post where I explicitly said I would still buy another Apple. Really, you’d think I had lauded Joe Lieberman at a Daily Kos gathering, or questioned John McCain’s judgment in a post at NRO.

I guess when you’ve spent your life having your lunch money stolen and being rejected by girls, all you can do to compensate for the world that rejected you is act snotty about the machine that filled all the time you had while the rest of us were out having fun with real people. I’m thinking of starting a new site, too: http://www.appleusersaredicks.com.

Note: I understand that not all Apple users are jerks – one or two did offer criticism free advice – but I think, based on responses to my post, my generalization is fairly sound.

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4 Comments on “I’m Taking The Apple Sticker Off My Car”

  1. Steph Says:

    I always thought the sticker looked dorky anyway.

  2. wheeler Says:

    and the car looks cool?

  3. Scoffpossum Says:


    Ticking off apple cultists is super funny…

    I feel the same way about Jetta drivers.

  4. Noam Says:

    The stickers look dorky if they are lame.


    They make apple family stickers that are original and can be found only on their site.

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