Teens From Everywhere Strongly Favor Obama

I hate Channel One, the vehicle for advertising news show aimed at teens that just about every school makes kids watch in homeroom. It annoys me. None of them watch it, and it’s just one more think making noise. Anyway, they coordinated a nationwide presidential election among middle and high school students. The results, I thought, were stunning.

Not that Obama won, I expected that. That he won 43 states. McCain’s only victories were Alaska, Utah, Wyoming, Missouri, Nebraska, Alabama, and Kentucky. Note Arizona is not in that list. Among teens, McCain lost every single battleground state as well as the location of his six homes. I think that would be like 498-40 in the electoral college. That’s a serious butt kicking.

I know this doesn’t mean anything. Kids are emotional, easily swayed by peers and frequently suckered by the next new thing. Adults, of course, suffer from none of those flaws.

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One Comment on “Teens From Everywhere Strongly Favor Obama”

  1. ttownfeen Says:

    Kids and teens are also heavily swayed by their parents political views.

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