Will Sarah Palin Be Remembered As The Worst V.P. Choice Ever?

Not substantively – though she is a hypocritical lying moron – but strategically.

Like I noted int he previous post, the Times recently endorsed Obama. The endorsement had some familiar words:

In his first major decision as the presumptive Democratic nominee, Obama demonstrated more mature judgment than his opponent in choosing a running mate. In selecting a long-time U.S. Senator, foreign policy veteran Joe Biden, Obama answered the experience issue and reassured Americans they would have a vice president on standby who understands the levers of power.

From Colin Powell to one of Reagan’s solicitors general, Charles Fried, to the Times on Sunday, it seems like every Obama endorsement by a right or right thinking person is based in part on the choice of Sarah Palin. Someone needs to tally up the number of times this has happened. I’m sure the number would be huge. The loonies lover her, but clear thinking conservatives, libertarians, and independents? Apparently not so much. If McCain loses the election, choosing a running mate who would alienate a large part of his supporters will be a large reason for the loss.

I don’t think she brought any Hilary supporters McCain’s way, either.

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One Comment on “Will Sarah Palin Be Remembered As The Worst V.P. Choice Ever?”

  1. KC Says:

    not sure any choice he could have made would have made a difference…there’s alot of us on the conervative side who are so disgusted with the the GOP that we may just sit this one out and watch the fun

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