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But That Would Mean Sarah Palin Shouldn’t Vote

November 1, 2008

The Bossier Independent has a list of reasons not to vote, among them:

If you have never read the constitution and don’t understand the powers of each branch, and if you can’t grasp the importance of the separation of powers, then stay home.

If you don’t believe that the protections of the constitution are inviolable, please don’t vote.

Well, McCain’s veep candidate . . .

1) Thinks the vp is in charge of the senate;

2) Thinks James Madison wrote the pledge of allegiance;

3) Thinks the first amendment protects government officials from criticism by the press;

4) Can’t even name a single newspaper or magazine she regularly reads.

There are no excuses for that kind of ignorance from the vice f@%king presidential candidate. Being unbelievably uninformed may or may not be a good reason not to vote. It sure as hell is a good reason not to be elected.


Segregated Courts In Shreveport?

November 1, 2008

Uhh, shouldn’t someone be investigating this?

Pamela Lattier, [sic] who was recently elected to a Shreveport City judgeship, has requested that City Marshal Charlie Caldwell provide her courtroom with only black deputy marshals.

When asked about it, Caldwell said ‘I guess I didn’t really think nothing about it because I’m black. I really didn’t’.

I really can’t think of any legitimate reason for that request. Nor, if I was representing a white defendant, would I feel comfortable in that courtroom.

BTW, love the grammar from the City Marshall. Very professional.