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Thoughts So Far

November 4, 2008

1. I’m really enjoying the shots of the two campaign parties. I laughed my ass off when CNN said – after calling Pennsylvania – that the McPalin party had turned off all the national news reports. If that’s not their campaign in a nutshell, I don’t know what is.

2. The crowds are interesting, too. One of the talking heads argued that McPalin’s amazingly dumb “real America” strategy not only pissed off a large majority of the country, but was also just plain wrong. That Obama crowd is much more representative of America than the straight white christian males McPalin aimed for.

3. As for Senate races, Elizabeth Dole losing is fantastic. Big government busybody. Not to mention her execrable “godless” ad at the end. Good riddance.

4. So much for Louisiana going Obama. Instead it looks like we’re McPalin’s biggest supporters. As all the other states roll in, though, I can hear my neighbors’ heads exploding. Gonna be lots of “woe to America” sermons this week.

5. CNN just called Virginia for Obama. They’re out of the confederacy! The northern part of the state is, anyway.

6. CNN just called the election for Obama. Waiting for earthquakes, brimstones, tornadoes, locusts. Waiting . . . . Waiting . . . . Maybe the apocalypse is waiting for the results on proposition 8.

7. NBC, too.

8. How long until McPalin spokespeople say they have Obama right where they want him?

9. You know what would be awesome? If Obama opened his acceptance speech by saying “where the white women at?” Why not? It’d be a great way to make fun of all the ridiculous accusations he’s faced.

10. McPalin faces reality for the first time this campaign. According to NBC, he just called it quits.

11. The talking heads are already making excuses for him. You know, if he had run as the man he’d been in the senate, I’d probably have voted for him. Instead, he decided to toss his integrity and run a campaign designed to appeal to the worst elements of this country. In a campaign everyone agreed depended on independent voters, he did everything he could to insult their intelligence. His loss is his own fault.

12. And what buttholes his supporters are. They booed Obama’s name when McCain mentioned it in his speech.

13. This has been a bad year for the forces of evil. The Patriots lose in the Super Bowl. The Lakers make it all the way to the NBA championship only to get spanked. The Yankees don’t even make the playoffs. (The begining of the curse of the house that the Bambino built?). Now the Republican party gets its butt kicked, largely thanks to George W. Bush.

14. Totally irrellevent, but the other day, Omi saw one of the two or three Obama signs in southeast Shreveport. Her response:

O, Omi


M, Malcolm,



15. I’m going to bed. I’ll wait for tomorrow to hear about proposition 8.


I Did Vote

November 4, 2008

And I also decided to vote for Obama instead of Bob Barr. I even went prepared for a long wait with two two-year-olds – complete with a pocket full of suckers, a bag full of books, drawing boards, snacks, and Capri Suns. Unfortunately, Wheeler didn’t get to vote; fortunately, he was able to take the kids back home for lunch while I waited. But either I got incredibly lucky or I live in a really inactive precinct because I didn’t have to wait any longer than 15-20 minutes before I was in the booth and reading the instructions on the screen.

At the risk of sounding like a dork, I have to say that using the automated touch-screen ballot was really cool. Living in Alabama, we always used paper ballots. There was just something more definite about pushing the button that said “cast vote” as opposed to feeding a scantron into a machine that looks like it would rather eat the paper than read it. But I’ve always been a sucker for new technology. (I know these machines aren’t new but they are to me.)

So now, we wait.

I Didn’t Vote

November 4, 2008

I meant to vote. I’d gotten excited about it. Walking over to the polls, pulling the kids in their wagon, I even decided to vote Obama instead of Bob Barr. (McCain ceased to be an option when he picked Palin.) But when I got there, my name wasn’t on the list for the precinct. I walked back home and checked the Secretary of State’s website, and, apparently, I neglected to register to vote when we moved to Louisiana. Oops.

I’m going to feel really bad if Louisiana ends up as a tie, or if Obama loses by one vote.