Campaign Crazies Update

A quick post about two of the most ridiculous presidential campaign characters I can remember.

Sarah Palin’s 150K wardrobe? She did the shopping herself. Sua sponte. And did so without telling the donor what was happening. Fiscal responsibility, huh? Nothing easier than spending other people’s money.

Even better, the supposed champion of pork cutting, open government, and reform, won’t tell us whether or not she voted for convicted felon and pork champion Ted Stevens in the Alaska senate race.

As for the other walking punchline . . .

Now that his fifteen minutes are up, what do you think the answer will be to the first “where are they now?” story about Joe the Plumber? My bet is either in Alaska helping Todd Palin and his Alaska Independence Party buddies secede, or else in federal prison for tax evasion after representing himself at trial and failing to convince the judge that the graduated income tax is a socialist plot to destroy America and therefore unconstitutional.

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One Comment on “Campaign Crazies Update”

  1. walt moffett Says:

    Actually, Joe Plumber will be become the new spokesman for scalp waxing product currently in development by Avon.

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