Drama in the morning

I cannot believe what my sweet, innocent little girl just did. I was standing at the changing table getting Mac ready for school and Omi was standing in the recliner that is beside the changing table, watching me get her brother dressed. Right before I finished with Mac’s shirt, I feel something swipe across my bottom and turn to see Omi smiling up at me, holding a black Sharpie. Now, this is no ordinary Sharpie. No, that would be too easy. This is a “Super Permanent Ink” Sharpie designed for commercial and industrial use. (Don’t ask me why I bought this kind as opposed to just “Permanent Ink” Sharpies. I have no idea.) In horror, I said, “what did you do??!!” and quickly pulled down my dress pants to check my bottom. And yep…there was a glaring black mark right across my backside. And to make it worse, I couldn’t have been wearing my old, dingy pants. No, I had to be wearing my brand new Gap khakis.

Suggestions on how to make these wearable again???

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7 Comments on “Drama in the morning”

  1. mauriceloridans Says:

    1 Dye the pants very dark. 2 use them for grunge work like painting and chain/cog cleaning. 3 take the marker and turn them into “Art Pants.”

    Not perfect solutions but “salvage” solutions.

    Put things like that marker out of reach of your twins. I had a few “hard way” lessons parenting my now 19 year old boy & girl twins. Meaux

  2. Hot Momma Says:

    I’m usually very careful about putting things like that out of reach. However, this morning I had just finished writing Mac and Omi’s names on their diapers for school and sat the marker down beside me on the changing table. I hadn’t even realized Omi had climbed in the recliner, much less reached around me to grab the Sharpie. School mornings are always hectic, but I’ll definitely be more careful in the future!

    19 years old – wow…so they do grow up? Not sure I’m ready for that, even with instances like this.

  3. walt moffett Says:

    Depending on fabric and luck, try an industrial hand cleaner, Go Jo or something similar. Careful, may make stain paler but wider.

  4. Mom Says:

    I’m crying and they aren’t even my pants 😦

  5. Mt Princess Says:

    So many pairs of cacky pants ruined in my classroom by markers 😦 The best solution I know is to call Nana and tell her the sad story…she’ll buy you some more πŸ™‚ hehehehehe!

  6. Maurice Loridans Says:

    I remember the hyperalertness needed to keep an eye on two toddlers. When my wife and I needed a break, we’d go separate ways with one each. That seemed like a vacation it was so easy. We wondered how parents of only one found anything to complain about.

    You could tell the child appreciated full parent attention (for a change) too, which probably made the job a bit easier.

  7. Hot Momma Says:

    Mt. Princess,

    That may not work this time, since Nana bought these for me just 2 weeks ago 😦


    Wheeler and I often say the same thing – that parents of one child have it so easy. I find that when I have just one of mine with me, I feel like a free person with an extra arm. I never know if that’s b/c my two are typically easy kiddos anyway or if I’m just so accustomed to chasing two. Whichever it is, I take the ease and run with it πŸ™‚

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