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Hey Republicans, Want My Vote Back?

November 7, 2008

Stand up to Barack Obama and Rahm Emanuel’s assault on the 13th Amendment.

I value time much more than I do money; that’s a big reason I switched from being a lawyer to being a teacher. So while taxes don’t really bother me a lot, requiring people of any age to spend their time volunteering (oxymorons, anyone?), would have this independent voting straight Republican faster than you can say Palin 2012.


Want To Be Even Angrier At California?

November 7, 2008

Consider that the same election which took away a fundamental right from humans – via proposition 8 – amended the same constitution to require that livestock be treated more “humanely.”

I know I’m oversimplifying. Still, if I was a Californian, I’d be a bit ashamed that the same constitution that gives rights to animals takes them away from humans.