John Fleming, Idiot

Nice post at CenLamar discussing Fleming’s website and candidacy for the 4th district.

Particularly ignorant is the section of Fleming’s website entitled “America’s Religious Heritage and Religious Freedom.” The whole thing is such a load of crap, I really don’t know where to start.

Maybe the first sentence:

Historical revisionists want you to believe that the United States was never a Christian nation.

Guess what? This has never been a Christian nation. It has always been a nation in which most people claimed to be of the Christian religion. But you ain’t gonna find Jehovah, Jesus, or any other deity in the Constitution. Which is remarkable considering how theocratic some of the state constitutions were at the time the founders wrote the national constitution. It is a totally secular document, and it was intended to be so. No surprise, then, that the nation it created is also, or ought to be, totally secular.

It gets no better from there.

America was founded on the Christian principles contained in the Word of God.

Again, no one who has read both the Bible and the Constitution could possibly find any influence of the former on the latter. (Other than the whole slavery thing.) Just ask yourself how many of the Ten Commandments would violate the First Amendment if they were ever the law of the land.

Then comes the manufacured victimhood:

The American people, in the vast majority, are a profoundly religious people. We must never allow the noisy liberal minority and radical groups like the ACLU to impose their secular vision on the majority. We must resist the oppression of religious liberty.

Nice mischaracterization of your opponent’s position. No one from the ACLU or any “noisy liberal minority” groups wants to force anyone to believe anything. What they, and I, want is a society in which the government has nothing at all to do with religion. Every individual is free to think, believe, and worship as they choose. That is what the Constitution and fairness requires.

For example:

I will vigorously defend the rights to display the Ten Commandments in our schools, city halls, courthouses, and other public venues. He will stand up for the right of public officials to acknowledge God.

I support the right of students to pray in our schools. I support the rights of students, parents, teachers, and members of the community to pray at graduation ceremonies and school sports events.

All the bogeymen would argue just as vigourously that students ought to be able to pray in schools. We’d also argue that they can pray at graduation ceremonies. The Constitution draws a line, though, when anyone tries to “acknowledge God” as a public official. I don’t want my kids to have to pray to Allah, so I won’t let anyone make them pray to Jesus, either.

And, finally, no screed is complete without attacking those evil judges:

We must stop radical judges from legislating from the bench, destroying revered American religious traditions and religious symbols that have been part of American life for 230 years.

All I can say here is that I thank God for judges who aren’t scared to uphold the Constitution. Otherwise, we’d all be at the mercy of religious demagogues like John Fleming.

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3 Comments on “John Fleming, Idiot”

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  2. CD4Truth Says:

    John Fleming is the best choice to represent the 4th Congressional District. The last thing we need is another corrupt insider in Washington. I fear that would be the case should Paul Carmouche be elected.

  3. wheeler Says:

    nice non-response.

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