How About We Fire All The Administrators?

Gotta love the “positive” plans to improve Caddo Parish’s ten failing schools:

[Caddo Superintendent Gerald] Dawkins proposed to board members last week that all jobs in the district’s academically unacceptable schools be posted for applications and the schools be reconfigured.

Right. We should fire all the teachers – letting them reapply for their old jobs, of course – because everyone knows the real problem at Angola Prep Woodlawn High School is that hundreds of superb teachers are banging on the door, hoping to work there, but the Old Guard of Tenured Teachers won’t let them in.

Or not:

Four more to go.

Slowly but surely, the Filipino teacher recruits are arriving to take spots in Caddo public school classrooms where long-term substitutes have filled in the gaps. Ten of the educators start work today after arriving in Shreveport on Friday evening.

Caddo is so desperate for teachers – mostly at failing or close to failing schools – that they’re bringing in people from the Phillipines to fill the empty spots. But if we just fire all the teachers at the failing schools, suddenly, out of the sky, a swarm of super teachers will descend upon Caddo, to save us all.

On the other hand, qualified teachers could continue to flee Caddo for surrounding parishes, where they do not have to worry about being shot by students, or fired post mortem by administrators who are mad because the teacher did not take the gun prior to being shot by it.

Those failing schools are incredibly difficult places to teach. Most of the students will arrive for class without anything to write with or on. If you give them notes, those who did come prepared will probably ignore you. Of the few who do scribble something down, many will lose them before even leaving class. If you give a homework assignment, you might have ten per cent of the kids return it. You’ll be cussed, threatened, and harassed daily. If you call the home of a student, you won’t get an answer, and if you do, it will be something like “he yo’ problem at school.” If you toss one of the thugs out of class, you will be reprimanded and the student returned to class. The students know this. Your roof might leak. The air probably won’t work. You better not bring anything you value to school, because it will be stolen. Half your students will be absent every day. When all  of them do come, there won’t be enough books or desks. In addition to the stress of the classroom, you have school bureaucrats, school board bureaucrats, and state bureaucrats second guessing and micro-managing everything you do. And when most of the students fail the standardized tests, it’s your fault.

Now, according to the Superintendent, for enduring all of this, your thanks at the end of the year is a pink slip. But you can reapply for that wonderful job. Yeah, that’ll attract qualified teachers to Caddo Parish.

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2 Comments on “How About We Fire All The Administrators?”

  1. Greenshirt Says:

    And the answer is…?

  2. Casey Says:

    It’s not surprising how Filipino teachers are seeking opportunities overseas. Their capacity to be flexible, knowledge in international education standards and training, especially in information technology-based instruction is their asset and advantage.

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