I Still Would Never Vote For Her, But I’d Sure Watch Pro Wrestling Again

I haven’t watched it since fourth grade, when, in a revelation more harmful than the truth about Santa Clause, I discovered it was fake. This might make me a fan again:

If Sarah Palin still wants to be a running mate, she’s got options.

Total Nonstop Action Wrestling — TNA to fans — is making the Alaska governor and former vice presidential candidate a $50,000 offer to take an honorary position in the company.

Fittingly, the not-unattractive Palin would join the “Beautiful People” stable of wrestlers, currently headlined by bombshells Angelina Love and Velvet Sky.

Fox Sports has a poll asking what her finishing move will be called. I voted for the current leader: The Wassilla Thrilla. I liked the Bridge to Nowhere, too. Here’s Fox’s top ten reasons she ought to join. My favorite? Either number six:

Sure, wrestling’s fake. But it’s more sporting than shooting wolves from helicopters.

Or number five:

After years as a self-proclaimed “hockey mom” she’s interested in getting involved in a more mainstream sport.

Or number two:

Part IV of the Katie Couric interview to be held on pay-per-view … in the steel cage! I got an answer to your “follow-up question” right here, Katie.

All I can do is hope.

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2 Comments on “I Still Would Never Vote For Her, But I’d Sure Watch Pro Wrestling Again”

  1. Kathy Says:

    So what is up with Fox’s Palin-bashing? I’d think they would love her. Has someone there developed a brain, or did she make the wrong people angry?

  2. wheeler Says:

    well, this is fox sports.

    but i did see a post the other day about some freepers boycotting fox news over their “unfair” treatment of palin.

    at some point, even fox can’t spin it anymore. an idiot is an idiot.

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