Good Sports News, Bad Sports News

Good: Fox Sports – like the website, hate the broadcasts – has dropped out of the bidding for the BCS games after 2009. ESPN in the favorite. That would be a huge improvement in everything from pre-game, to announcers, to camera angles. Now if we could get Fox out of baseball and the NFL, too.

Now for the bad.

As everyone knows, especially if you’re a gambler, Sunday the Steelers beat the Chargers 11-10. On the last play of the game, the Chargers tried a crazy Cal-Stanford type lateral play, only to have Pittsburgh’s safety intercept one of the laterals and return it for a touchdown, to make the score 17-10. Only the officials reviewed the play and – based on a mistaken understanding of a rule – overruled the touchdown, leaving the final at 11-10. To the great displeasure of everyone who had taken the Steelers and four points, the officials admitted after the game that they blew the replay; the touchdown should have counted.

The NFL’s response? Not to get rid of replay, a system that probably results in the same amount of blown calls as there were prior to it. Nope, now they want replays of replays. We’re going to have five hour games before too long.

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