Local GM Workers Demand Handout, Freedom From Accountability

To be fair, the workers only demanded the handout. A guest speaker at the rally for the handout demanded freedom from accountability:

Several community leaders spoke to the crowd, urging them to call, write and e-mail their legislative delegation, asking them to support a bailout package for the auto industry.

Greater Shreveport Chamber of Commerce President Dick Bremer was among the speakers.

“We’ve got to do what we can and ask our representatives in Washington “» to make an investment in this industry,” Bremer said. “But they’ve also got to do other things. They’ve got to reduce taxes for the auto industry, remove all rules and regulations that make things much more difficult than it should be and allow companies to put out a top notch product to make net income.”

Nice. When it comes to profits, GM ought to have unfettered ability to produce what it wants, how it wants, and it ought to keep all of its profits for itself. But if that freedom results in a loss, we the taxpayers ought to bear it. How is that fair? Free markets mean you’re free to succeed but also free to fail. Privatized profits and public losses? I’d pick socialism over that.

Leave the auto makers to themselves. If they die, they die. If we really want to help anyone, then set up a program to give a “bailout” to the hourly workers who will lose their jobs. It could be cash, it could be money for education or job training. It could be anything to help them develop new skills so they can find new employment. Whatever we do, though, let’s not reward decades of bad business decisions by giving a handout to the whole company.

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One Comment on “Local GM Workers Demand Handout, Freedom From Accountability”

  1. draftsonyou Says:

    I think I hear the sleigh bells “a ring ting tingalin’.” It looks like Santa’s on his way to Deeetroit. http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/28166218/

    Just when you thought Dubbya was finished spending, he swoops in for the kill.

    “Gettelfinger blamed the defeat of the auto industry bailout bill in Congress on southern Senators who he said are anti-union and anti-Detroit.”

    Yea!, and they want us to take responsibility for actions too!

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