Uhh, Aren’t You In Charge Of That System?

State Super Paul Pastorek, moron, speaking in Baton Rouge:

In the member’s only gathering at the City Club of Baton Rouge, Pastorek talked about the failings of the state’s educational system, describing them as “pathetic, dismal and abysmal.”

“Your school system is precipitously close (to similar problems),” Pastorek told the Baton Rouge audience, “and (also) that of the city of Monroe.”

Not his fault, though. He’s the savior. Because he makes intelligent, fact based decisions:

Monroe Superintendent James Dupree said Wednesday that he had not previously heard about Pastorek’s remarks.

“That’s unfortunate on his part; Monroe is nowhere near that,” Dupree said. “He has a tendency to make wrong statements — a lot.”

Board of Elementary and Secondary Education member Keith Guice agrees with Dupree’s assessment of the Monroe City schools.

“Monroe City has issues like all systems have issues, but they’re nowhere near being taken over,” Guice said.

Historically, BESE has only intervened in the administration of local school districts when at least 50 percent of the district’s students were attending academically unacceptable schools. BESE policy prevents intervention except under these circumstances. Monroe city schools has nearly 9,000 students in 18 schools. Only one of the schools is labeled as academically acceptable. Approximately 5 percent of those attend Clara Hall, the district’s only academically unacceptable school.

To recap: They guy in charge of the whole system slams it as horrible. He then slams individual districts when he has not even discussed the matter with the folks responsible for those districts. And his facts about those districts were wrong. One word: Blowhard. Unfortunately, he’s in charge of education in this state.

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One Comment on “Uhh, Aren’t You In Charge Of That System?”

  1. The school system is horrible, because it is controlled by a huge “club” of Secret Societies. Pastorek is in it, along with every Principal and many teachers, and it is ultra secretive. This subversive cancer is ruining our schools. I was sexually abused at two schools in the Baton Rouge area, by these people. Get rid of Freemasonry and the problems will go away! My blog:


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