I Went For A Run Tonight

Nothing remarkable about it in and of itself. Four and a half miles at eight minutes per mile. The remarkable part is tonight is only the third time I’ve run in the last six months. I’d like to run more often. (Especially since some of my students tell me I have a big butt). I used to run all the time, at least in the winter. I did not do so last year, and so far this year I have not, either. Why? A few guesses.

First, my schedule is not favorable to running. I ride my bike because I enjoy it; I run because I think I should, and it feels great when I’m done. Because running is more of a chore, I really like to do it before work, rather than have five or ten miles waiting for me when I get home. I work less now than I did when I ran a lot, but my day starts earlier. I have to be out of the house at 6:30. I’m a morning person, but no way am I getting up early enough to get a run in before that time. Meaning if I’m going to run, I have to go after work. Most of the time, my resolve to run fades somewhere during my commute home. I usually rationalize it by substituting a bike ride or just a walk with the kids.

Second, my early departure time from work, especially during the new extended daylight savings, means I can easily get in a twenty to thirty mile ride during the week. By 4:30 I’m home, changed and have had my after school snack. (I eat lunch at 10:45). That means I can sit around with the family for an hour, go for a two hour ride, and still sit down to dinner and help put the kids to bed. The big benefit of running over riding is a more efficient use of time. But with that much time after work every day, time savings really is not very important. So with one of the biggest incentives gone, so is the running.

That leads me to the third reason: The biggest incentive to run is gone. In Birmingham, I spent the winter running so I could do the Mercedes Marathon in February. Having that on the calendar made me put my running shoes on no matter the time or what else I’d rather be doing.  Here in S’port I have not found anything similar. With no goal, I have no motivation other than a general desire to keep fit. That, unfortunately, rarely works.

So that’s why I don’t run much anymore. My consolation is that at least I replaced the running with riding my bike, as opposed to drinking beer and watching t.v. Not that there’s anything wrong with those things. They’re just more enjoyable after a good run, or ride.

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2 Comments on “I Went For A Run Tonight”

  1. Maurice Loridans Says:

    Since you’re already a roadie that runs why not take up triathalons? There are three of those around here every year.

  2. wheeler Says:

    i’ve thought about it. the swimming is too boring. plus i’m no good at it.

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