No Ice, Bummer

Chances were slim, last night’s forecast called for light rain, but temps only in the mid thirties. Still, I was hoping for some ice and the resulting school closures. Didn’t happen.

That sounds pathetic given that we’re about to have two weeks off, and all we’re doing for the rest of this week is administering mid-terms. A day off is always good, though. Also, I really don’t like mid-terms.

Mostly because despite it being totally review material, and despite my giving them the questions to the test a week before it, two thirds will fail. That makes you want to slam your head in a door. I know they’d still have to take the tests, but at least we could postpone the aggravation until after the holidays.

The mid-term schedule is annoying, too. The tests are supposed to take an hour to an hour and a half. To accommodate the long time, instead of fifty five minute classes, we have two-ish hour classes. Today, three classes have their mid-term, tomorrow three more, and Friday one (it’s a half day). I say two-ish, because you won’t know when the students are moving to the next class until the office announces it. It may be an hour and forty five minutes, it may be two  hours, it may be two and a half hours. That makes it hard to plan for post-test activities. Spending that much time with the same students isn’t much fun, either. Some classes, like my first one today, won’t be too bad. Others, though, you could use time with as an “enhanced interrogation technique.” Put any suspect with these kids for two hours, and they’ll say anything you want just to get out of there. Don’t get me wrong, I like most of my students. In fifty minute doses. (To be fair, they’d say the same thing about spending two hours with me. Except they probably don’t like me even in fifty minute installments.)

So like I said, I wish we’d had some ice last night.

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3 Comments on “No Ice, Bummer”

  1. Mt Princess Says:

    Always a better chance that you could get days off if you lived in VA!!

  2. mom Says:

    We had a two hour delay today…most likely given the predictions there won’t even be school on Friday – coulda lived in PA!!

  3. wheeler Says:

    and have snow days in june? no thanks

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