Librarians On The Take?

I’d really like to know the reason for this:

Some not-so-cheery holiday news for staffers with the St. Tammany Parish Library: They can’t accept gifts from grateful patrons — not even small ones such as baked goods or houseplants.

That’s the word from the state Ethics Board, which recently responded to a query from library officials about the gifts.

An Ethics Board staff attorney says the gifts cannot be accepted.

Are librarians shaking down patrons? Keeping them last on the waiting list for a new book unless the patron brings the librarian a nice poinsettia? When I went to the library yesterday, could I have had my twenty cent fine erased if I brought a loaf of banana bread with me? If my kids colored a Christmas card for the librarian, would they get to sit closer to the front for story time?

Really, I’m having a hard time imagining what possible pro quo justifies banning the quid. Then, if there is a potential harm, I’m having an even harder time imagining it has ever occurred. Maybe I’m wrong, but the gifts are probably banned because someone says they are, not because there’s a reason for it.

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One Comment on “Librarians On The Take?”

  1. Sara Says:

    Man– if we had that rule in my library, I’d probably be five pounds lighter right now. Chocolate, cookies, cake, candy, peanuts, cashews…yum.

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