Can The Babies Sleep In Their Cribs Until Their Teens?

That’s one possible solution to the adventure of transitioning from cribs to toddler beds; just forget the whole thing and switch back. I’m open to any others.

We had to change, as both Mac and Omi could get their little legs up over the side of the cribs. We did not want to wake up in the middle of the night to the resulting screams should one of them have successfully climbed over the rail and fallen to the floor.

We also had an idea that the process could be interesting, so we waited for Christmas break, when we’d have two weeks during which neither of us had to get up early. And it has been interesting. Thus far, we”ve had about an hour to an hour an a half average elapsed time between us putting them in their beds and both of them finally staying there and going to sleep. Some nights it’s more, some less. Now it’s the last day of the break and we’re not doing much better.

I suppose they’re too overwhelmed by their new freedom. They’ve slept behind bars their whole lives. Now, after Mommy and Daddy say good night, they can get up and play. The temptation is worse because, as twins, they each have a built in playmate. Also, their playroom, with all its toys, is attached to their bedroom. Hence, when we shut the door (and sometimes even before that) they pop right out of bed and go crazy. We usually don’t even make it back to the living room before we hear little feet pitter pattering across the floor.

Right now, we’re using a four step procedure to get them to stay in bed. First parental re-entry results in loss of books (they each bring several to bed so they can “read” for a while before going to sleep). Second, loss of people (all the stuffed creatures they sleep with). Third, spanking. Fourth, off to the baby bed, a.k.a. the pack and play.

This process works, but has two major flaws. First, it takes too long. We give them about ten minutes or so between each step. That way they have a chance to correct their own behavior. Add it all up, though, and it can take close to an hour. Sometimes more. The second big flaw is that by putting them in the pack and play we’re losing the chance for them to learn to sleep in a regular bed. The pack and play is just another crib, though smaller and closer to the ground than the regular ones. The whole point is to get them into regular beds, so we don’t want to keep putting them in the pack and play.

That’s why I’m looking for an alternative. Short of tying them to the beds, all I can think of is telling them there are monsters under the beds that will get them if they get up without Mommy of Daddy. I think it would work, but I’ve been soundly rejected. Which leaves us with what we’re doing now. I suppose they’ll learn eventually. I just hope it’s soon.

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One Comment on “Can The Babies Sleep In Their Cribs Until Their Teens?”

  1. Nana Says:

    Just a thought… about a bell timer (since they probably aren’t hearing either of you any more) and a promised in the morning reward?? They have so many minutes and then it’s lights off , back to bed, stay in bed with a promised treat in the AM. (Extra book to read, trip to the library, go to the park, paint a picture, favorite food etc, whatever works) Just a thought.

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