I’m Glad I’m A Man

Spring fashion advice for women.

It’s just so much easier to dress yourself if you’re a male. Not only because you have much less stuff to put on every day, but also because you don’t have to worry about half of what you own going “out of fashion” every year. What changes in men’s clothes? Maybe the acceptable width of a tie? And even that changes so glacially that you can safely expect years of use from them. I’m extremely disappointed if I don’t get at least five years out of every pair of pants or shirt I buy.

It’s not like I dress like a dork, either. Of course, my students would disagree, though only because I don’t have half my ass hanging out of my pants. Still, while I’m not going to win any fashion shows, I’m not one of those guys wearing white socks with dress pants. Dressing well as a guy just means paying attention to a few simple rules (clothes fit, are neat and pressed, and match) rather than the changing trends of fashion. Much easier than for you women.

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One Comment on “I’m Glad I’m A Man”

  1. Hot Momma Says:

    Of course, you could be a woman like me – that is, a mom. And just wear your Arkansas razorback pjs or yoga pants every day. No fashion worries there. The razorbacks are always in style. 🙂

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