About That BCS Championship Game

First, and most obviously, can we please have a playoff? Unless the teams play each other, no one can say with certainty that Florida is better than Utah, USC, or Texas. The whole idea of voting for a champion is ridiculous. This is football, not synchronized swimming.

Failing that, and this is my second point, how about just making the SEC title game the BCS championship? Or at least banning Oklahoma and Ohio State from BCS games.

Third, and finally, once again, I cannot possibly explain how happy I am that ESPN will be taking the BCS series from FOX after next season. The whole FOX production is terrible. Too many graphics, too much crammed onto the screen at one time, the pointless shots of the sidelines and coaching booths, all of it gets in the way of the reason we’re watching: The Game.

The worst of all is the announcing. I mean, gawd awful bad. Mostly, I guess, because FOX doesn’t normally cover college football, so most of these guys have no clue about the game. The other problem is that they don’t even put their top NFL announcers in the college games. Last night, for instance, was Thom Brennaman and Charles Davis. They’re like third or fourth string NFL guys. The result is some truly horribly, mute-the-t.v.-bad announcing. Like last night, when both Thom Brennaman and Charles Davis lost track of downs after Oklahoma had a first and goal at the Florida nine, and on an Oklahoma third and goal began urging Oklahoma to “go for it” rather than kick the field goal. Here it is, see the stupidity for yourselves:

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