What Do A Tornado And A Divorce In Arkansas Have In Common?

Someone is about to lose a trailer.

Old joke. Modern versions might add “meth lab gone wrong.”  You could also add “a brewery explosion in Louisiana“:

An explosion tore through the Abita Brewery near Abita Springs when a tank became overpressurized this morning, firefighters say.

The blast knocked down a wall of the brewery, shattered windows in a nearby mobile home park and was heard two miles away, said Capt. Matt Huddleston, of St. Tammany Fire District 12.

I hope that doesn’t impact production. Abita is one of the few decent beers you can count on most of the grocery stores having on the shelf. If it does, though, I’ve been slumming it lately, so I guess I’ll stick with my new default beer for a while longer:

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2 Comments on “What Do A Tornado And A Divorce In Arkansas Have In Common?”

  1. draftsonyou Says:

    Lone Star is good beer. I remember it from my days as a Forest Technician in Fordyce. But since Shiner Bock is generally my default beer (and you can buy it in FL), I’ve always felt I had the Texas category covered. I should like to have another L.S. Also, in response to “what do a tornado and …” question:

    Carolyn loses her casserole dish. – Foxworthy

  2. wheeler Says:

    i like shiner, too. lonestar is cheeper, though.

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