Why Not Let The State Have All The Schools?

Two Caddo schools now belong to the state and will probably become charter schools. It won’t solve anything. As long as the school has the same students (and “parents”) it will still never be a good place to learn. The kids who want an education and the teachers who want to provide one will be constantly distracted by the thugs who don’t care about themselves or anyone else.

What would really help is the state taking all the schools and letting students choose where to go to school. No one should be forced to attend a school full of wanna be gangsters and senseless thugs just because they happen to live a few blocks from it. If a student is well behaved and makes decent grades – i.e., a good student – they ought to be able to choose whatever school they want. Doing this would quickly result in a wide variety of schools. There’d be some at the top with excellent test scores and college admission rates. There’d be some at the bottom with a direct line to Angola. There’d be plenty in the middle with average students producing average results. That isn’t so different from now. The difference is that we would not have students with the desire and abilities proper to the best schools trapped in the worst simply because of an arbitrary district line. Everyone would be where their abilities and choices placed them. If that was the case, who would there be to feel sorry for?

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